Almost Revelations Exclusively at Walmart

The evening shift cashier at Walmart said
You got a nice tan going there, mister.
I said I usually run during the noon hour.
What I didn’t say was I’ve run more miles
than usual this summer because I’ve been sad.
Such revelations can strangle chit chat.
Then again her hair was more wild with
gray than mine, and her right hand was gnarled
such that she led exclusively with her left.
So had no one been behind me she might have
southpawed caution and said something like
Me, I try to keep busy. All those I loved are gone.
But since I played it close those odds shriveled.
Darkness thickened outside as a train of other
people arrived after me with what can only
be referred to as expressed impatience.
I paid for the obvious. And the aging
cashier, she kept things moving right along.
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12 Responses to Almost Revelations Exclusively at Walmart

  1. michelemorin says:

    Cringed and identified with the scenario. Been there so many times and still not very skilled in opening up a moment.

  2. Okay, so the exciting thing is that you can pray for her, and I have a feeling this poem is your way of doing so? And so can we. Hard to open up in check-out. You have every benefit of my doubt.

  3. Gwen Acres says:

    I am sorry you have been sad this summer…

  4. mike graves says:

    John-thats why we love you and your dad-yall are both so human
    love yall, warts and all- Ive been melancholy too and long for the next life,no explanation

  5. It is enough to run and breathe and talk to cashiers and tell others that sadness is part of it all.

  6. Gail says:

    I love reading your words, they melt in my heart.

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