The Enduring is Something

To have stood and watched him
jerk to death on that criminal’s tree
then only days later see him walking
around good as new, almost like
nothing happened save for those scars?
Then for him to be at the table a stretch of days
eating and laughing just like before
until suddenly everything sounds serious
and he’s reeled back into the stars
where he came from in the first place?
To have witnessed his unbelievable conclusion
guaranteed a lifetime sentence of madness,
a madness which try as one might
could not be cured. It could only be endured.
But the enduring is something.
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3 Responses to The Enduring is Something

  1. Oh, the enduring is something – such joy, such joy.

  2. Peg Richards says:

    The enduring is everything! Thank you, John.

  3. pastordt says:

    I think maybe we all are a little bit mad. And endurance is the name of the game after all. Thanks, John.

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