Fury in Evening Land

If we lift our hands in orchestrated ecstasy
to the God we cannot see but refuse to raise
our voices in solidarity with brothers and sisters
who grieve before our very eyes then we are
indeed fully opiated addicts to religion’s needle,
and whatever flimflam of hope that is within us
is gelded and knows nothing of the fury of love.
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11 Responses to Fury in Evening Land

  1. yeah…lamenting in fury over at my blog too. What else can a writer do in these times?

  2. Shaun C. says:

    A call to consciousness if I’ve ever heard one…Amen

  3. genesmith12 says:

    Powerful. Love the image of “the fury of love”.

  4. suzy says:

    Beautiful, compelling and true.

  5. rhodaras2 says:

    Poets voice the heart and soul of who we are in words that are placed together for purpose and imagery. Now if we can only correctly identify hope and quickly apply images and changes that give it.

  6. pastordt says:

    Yes. Yes. Preach it, Mr. Poet-Man. And thank you.

  7. La Vonne says:

    Absolutely true! God help me to hear and respond to the cries of the grieving!

  8. micksilva says:

    The best friends stab you in the front.

  9. Juliet SN says:

    Thank you for this. Thank you.

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