send in the…

the tattoo artist hesitated and said
you know, I do a lot of images of him
but what you’re wanting is something
sorta blasphemous. you get that?
I told him I did, and that I did not care.
so he inked what I asked: a purple crown of thorns
across my forehead, three blue tears drops
falling from my left eye, a black bruise beneath
my right eye, and four jagged red holes
one on either side of each wrist.
man, they’re gonna say you’ve got a messiah complex.
I said it is complex but its also quite simple –
its not improving the world, but participating in it.
as I left the shop he laughed and said
good luck, and god bless. and brace yourself.
I stepped into the sunlight and it felt like
being pushed from a womb into
the center ring of a circus already in progress.
but there ought to be clowns.
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One Response to send in the…

  1. samjolman says:

    Bring it Blase! This is so good.

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