Turn, Turn

There comes a time to commit
yourself to the scripture of matter.
A season to seek second
the words of God and become first
a disciple of his handiwork.
A time to study the historical context
of aunts and uncles. A time to translate
your dreams paying close attention
to correct tense. A time to read
the evening skies from right to left.
Hide all these turnings deep within
yourself so that as time flies and days
pass you might not sin in vain.
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3 Responses to Turn, Turn

  1. Gwen Acres says:

    A beautiful description of “the second half of life.” Certainly one I feel drawn into.

  2. Jamie Bagley says:

    Mmhhmm. Yes. This is so good. I’m thankful for your willingness to always share your thoughts. I am subscribed, and I love each poem you write, and I should stop by more often to say thank you. I’m grateful for your words, and the images inside of them. Each one is a gift.

  3. simplysue says:

    One regret, dear world, that I am determined
    not to have when I am lying on my deathbed
    is that I did not kiss you enough.
    Hafiz (trans. Ladinsky)
    Strange how as we come closer – not too close! – to leaving, the more we are drawn to the earth. I wonder if we are trying to make friends before we unite with the soil. Love it.

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