Very Early on the First Day of the Week

Lately I’ve found my heart quite otherwise.
Its sorta tricky to say exactly what that means but
I would be tickled to overhear a couple of friends
gossiping about me, one of them finally
oh, you know John, his heart’s quite otherwise.
My birthday’s rising soon and I’ve asked for
a subscription to The Denver Post, Sunday edition.
There’s something reassuring to me in the thought
of a carrier pitching a wrap of news in my roses
one day a week, a paper disciple gunning toward
Galilee shuddering and wild.
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4 Responses to Very Early on the First Day of the Week

  1. hisfirefly says:

    I think I’d like to over hear my friends say the same of me
    lovely here, John

  2. Jewels says:

    May you get your b’day wish.

  3. Lori says:

    I can just visualize that Denver post being delivered to your door……..thank you for that vision, lovely.

  4. La Vonne Glanville says:

    I’d love to know more about “my heart felt otherwise” …..

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