Pastoral Resume

Maybe one of these days a little church and I will find each other.
The people there would be looking for a friend, not a leader.
I would like that, to become their friend and they become mine.
I would be willing to rustle up some encouraging words every
Sunday morning in exchange for most of the rest of my week
exercising the freedom to climb deeper into the world’s hard silence.
I would love to officiate at weddings and bless newborns. I would be
honored to say the words over those dead but held safe. I would gladly
sign on for those moments if beyond that there was really nothing to do
but take bets on the first snowfall or laze about in old lawn chairs or
cook heaps of spaghetti served with red wine for the monthly potluck.
A little church could hire me to say grace over all that. And we’d eat.
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12 Responses to Pastoral Resume

  1. mike graves says:

    This made me blue
    the good book says we are different, youre different john and you know it,possessing the restlessness of a seeker
    God bless yall anyway

  2. This is an ache of a poem, John.

  3. says:

    Right on

    Sent from my android device.

  4. If only. If only it was that way.

  5. Patricia says:

    I’m so thankful for the words you rustle up right here. You are a blessing.

  6. Tara Owens says:

    There’s a little church in me that you pastor and bless with these words.

  7. pastordt says:

    I’m thinking this maybe the same dream most pastors I know have. Only you put it down in purty, thoughtful words. Thanks for that.

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