In Error

It grieves me to hear
men in the afternoon
of life wrangling like
its the morning.
There are sixty year
old men still booming
over the inerrancy of
scripture instead of
growing quieter and
quieter, learning the 
verses of bird song.
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13 Responses to In Error

  1. kateri says:

    Oh, my. Yes! Your poetry sings.

  2. Once again, this is the word that I breathe out when reading anything at your place, “Oh, God!” And I’m pretty sure I’m not swearing, either. SO true here. And sad. And frustrating at times, too.

  3. Peg Richards says:


  4. Aaron McHugh says:

    good going John. may it be true for you and me when we get there.

  5. Philip James says:

    Thank you for these courageous words that speak to the fear in me.

  6. hisfirefly says:

    Growing quieter. Shrinking. Less of us, more of Him. When will we learn?
    Beautiful and sad.

  7. Amen. And growing “in” the quiet.

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