older mann…

I am not at peace. I thought it (meaning me)

would be different by now, more at ease, but

that is not the case. I’m actually o.k. with

this because while not at ease, it (again, me)

does feel more awake, revved up to all the

early-burly-curly-wurly of the blinding light

of life itself. I’m liable to fly off the handle

over something silly or get lost in a blue mood

or cry over the smell of fresh cut grass. Unstable,

erratic, unpredictable, and just yesterday crazy

are words that have been used to describe my

current fetish of looking into the eyes of the sun

which leaves it (yes, me) both shaken and stirred.

I do realize all this could prevent one from

lasting the day, but the rolling stone preacher

(guess who?) has decided he’d rather make it

through the night. Mama, that’s where the fun is.

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6 Responses to older mann…

  1. Tim Franklin says:

    I also find myself, while not elderly, older than I ever thought about being. It’s a strange and mystical place. Both shaken and stirred indeed. I always have a sense of anticipation when clicking on your assigned spot on the bookmarks bar. Thanks for always being provocative. I find that this older mann needs regular provoking.

  2. David Blase says:

    When I was 40ish I read several books about Mid-Life Crisis. Never did know if that is what I was having! Thought I was! At 72 I don’t feel a Crisis….I do have a “Peace” down deep in the “heart of my soul”.

  3. mike graves says:

    I’ll turn you on, sonny to something strong….

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