my smile…

It was a half-blind date of sorts, she never having seen me,
but I’d eyed her and so with college bravado called to ask her out.
So how will I recognize you? Her question was quite fair.
I was not born to be quick on my feet but in that moment, a moment
she tells our children about to this day, I said I’ll be the one smiling.
It now sounds such a crafted line, but that’s the god-honest truth.
These days we’re fortysomething, still amateurish in the sense of asking
how to recognize what lies ahead. All we know are clip-winged seasons and
a boy and girls grown tall. She brushed past the other day though and I
saw her as she was only seconds ago on that campus walking with breeze
and youth in her hair. I could not help but smile. In moments when I try
to make sense of my by-god life she is the keystone.
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5 Responses to my smile…

  1. whimzie says:

    How is it that “my smile” made me cry, for Pete’s sake?

  2. katie says:

    Oh, if we could all be so lucky-blessed.

  3. pastordt says:

    That was some right-good quick thinkin’ there, John.

    This is beautiful – and I am so glad it’s true. :>)

    (P.S. We took “All Is Grace” on our vacation and my husband, son and I all loved it so much. Thank you.)

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