Love in the Time of Paranoia

If love is for real
and not just a word
then show me.
I know you’re frightened.
I am too. 
But that is the feeling
imperfect people
always have as they
row closer home.
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How To Avoid A Noisy Soul

How do you keep a soft heart in an exhausting
culture where a little colorblind boy in
baseball cap with coffee in one hand
and a gun in the other gets a viral hard-on
and we’re the ones who stroked him?
How do you keep your sanity in a crazy
time when self-hatred poses as forward thinking
and we rip off every god-given outer
detail so we can look at one another
with what, super duper x-ray vision?
In other words, how do you avoid a noisy soul?
Our thousand answers converge here:
     You must keep something beautiful in your mind.
Hold it there like a treasure.
When thieves come, and they will,
bare your teeth and growl and bark NO.
Such meekness will walk away with everything (wink).
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In Those Moments

The story goes that from that time
many of his disciples went back,
and walked with him no more.
Sounds familiar as I am often sheared
by words from the gentle lamb of God.
In those moments he is too much.
There, I said it. God is too much.
So I turn back and sit with myself
as his words steep in my brain’s blood.
Should I rush chicken-little back into
service I am useful but tasteless.
But when I can still enough for a long,
long time I am stained darker with
the brash to rise and follow again.
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You Should Know This

In defense of
whatever happens next
you should know
I cannot go long without
the company of
stars and solitude.
That is not the way
I recharge my batteries
because I was not born
with batteries.
It is the way I divine,
like some men witch water.
My body stirs at the
earth’s nobility,
and I remember myself.
Walking away is
walking toward.
I feel you should know this.
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Sometimes you need to hear the
sound of something before agreeing
to another long day in the mines.
This morning that sound was the
song of the rooster next door that
my neighbor thought at first was a
hen. Surprise, surprise, surprise.
The boy is off a bit due to the time
change but his heart is good, I’m sure.
Crooning for Canaan when it can’t
be seen, faith that the fair and happy
day is bound to come, amenadoodledoo.
So here’s to you, dude looks like a lady.
Hi ho, hi ho! Watch for coyotes, pal.
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It Only Matters How They Remember You

Yesterday I kept feeling tender toward myself.
Time after time I’d find tears in the eyes I see with
washing my vision clean as to what will endure.
Before I closed those eyes to sleep I rededicated
my life to good. It will not matter how I am buried –
casket, cremation, charioted away in the whirlwind.
It will only matter how you remember me, and I
cling to dumb hope you’ll swear I was a good man.
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String Bright the Gray

You are the lights
of the everyday world.
Signs that goodness is not
destined to be defeated.
But to shine you must daily,
Jacob-like, grapple with God.
Refuse to let go every time.
Every time wrest the wounding
heat from his hands so you can 
flare the old words worn smooth
and so string bright the gray with
your burning belief.
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