The Mark of Adam

No man told me how slapped I would feel in the wake
of his abrupt exodus for college. You bleed for eighteen
quick years doing what you pray is right by a boy
then just like that he’s gone and his room sits ashamed.
Wasn’t it just weeks ago there were five chairs around
the kitchen table? Now there are only four of us.
Its true this makes for more personal space at meals but
I find myself often cramped and unhungry. Unsonned.
If I wasn’t at least 91% certain this first born was rightly
placed and timed then God only knows what a man might
do with the resulting sharp shards of his happily broken
heart. No man tells a man of this mark. It must be earned.
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Born Again Again

Walk the narrow way of the severely astonished.
Bumble around mouth agape at the sheer gift
of the earth mumbling Wouldja look at that?
Acknowledge everyone and I mean everyone
whose path is crossed for they like you like me
erupted from God’s hangover after five days of hard partying.
Hum Song Sung Blue in line at every grocery store.
Skip like a kid to your car after every movie even the saddies.
Refuse to apologize for every hokey hope within you.
Send birthday cards for every occasion because
every day and I mean every day is a candle blowing
celebration of the uproarious realization that
we yes we have been born again again.
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This Present Wildness

“the present is a wild season, not a ruse.”
~ Gerald Vizenor
And so begins this present wildness.
Autumn will speak her mind in tones
to cause us all to hurt for home.
Such is her irreverent splendor.
Such is her symphony of disappointing joy.
Such is the curtained ache she leaves,
telling us one more time that
love is crisp and not enough.
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The World’s Curves

The poet notices
the world’s curves.
The anti-poet is blind
to all but lines
missing out on
carousels at county fairs
and the roll of a foolish trout,
missing out on a
woman’s hips at dawn
and the tracks beneath
God’s wobbly train of justice.
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honest repetitions

to avoid gentile
my said petitions have long
been brief:
     watch over her, and our children.
     have mercy on me a sinner. thank you.
as far as I can tell the
predictability of my provincial prayers
has offended
neither the son
nor the father.
i fancy they are
lines heaven has grown fond of
and listens for each evening
as stars
strut their stuff
like they did the night before.
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Its the first word of the
Psalter’s first day’s morning prayer.
So whatever the further turnings in a month
The reset word is always
Its hard to say the word and not
Straighten your spine
Like those trees that keep on
Treeing, refusing to wither
In season and out.
Things grow thorny after that
First word for we have to deal with the righteous
And the wicked, then there’s David with
His whiny praisy back and forth.
But that’s us, we are the psalms, starting out and always hoping back toward
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Status Update

I rose crestfallen from a
dream in which a preferred cast
of characters from my past
(plus me) were leaving for the
epicest concert of all time.
But I hadn’t showered and was
still in day clothes unsuitable for
the best night of our lives.
So away I flew to the bath but
it was being used by a Gila monster.
And what do you do with that?
Exactly – you wait until he’s finished
by which time my fantasy league
had already left for the show.
But not without leaving a note:
Dear John, we waited but dude
you took too long. Really sorry.
By the way, its possible there’s a
Gila monster somewhere in your
head. Its not real, cowboy.
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